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1978 Cessna 172N model with a 160 HP Lycoming engine.  The panel has just been updated with the most modern avionics available.  This includes the just released version of the Garmin 500 Autopilot with Altitude pre-select, VS and indicated airspeed climbs and descents.  The interior has been redone to make your passengers Feel Safe!  It also features weather and traffic display on the GPS.

- Garmin 650 GPS

- Garmin 345 Audio panel with Bluetooth and


- Garmin 345 Transponder with weather and

   traffic displayed on the GPS

- Garmin G-5 Attitude Indicator

- Garmin G-5 HSI

- All electric(Vacuum removed)

- Online Reservations

- Rental cost-$135 per hour including Fuel 

- $45 Instructor

CALL  830-643-9750 TO SCHEDULE

airplane interior
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airplane cockpit
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