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Airport Information


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kestrel airpark map

FAA Identifier: 1T7

Lat/Long: 29-48-42.3000N / 098-25-33.8000W
                29-48.705000N / 098-25.563333W
                29.8117500 / -98.4260556

Elevation: 1261 ft. / 384 m (estimated)

Variation: 07E (1995)

From city: 23 miles N of SAN ANTONIO, TX

Time zone: UTC -6 (UTC -5 during Daylight Saving Time)

Zip code: 78070

Airport Communications

CTAF/UNICOM: 122.975

WX AWOS-3 at 5C1 (15 nm W): 118.725 (830-755-9099)

WX ASOS at SAT (17 nm S): PHONE 210-805-5583


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Nearby Radio Navigation Aids

VOR Radial/Distance

SAT  r002/10.2

RND r332/19.0

STV  r140/27.8

SSF   r353/(33.2)

VOR Name          Freq.                       Var.

SAN ANTONIO   VORTAC116.80     08E

RANDOLPH        VORTAC112.30     05E

STONEWALL       VORTAC113.80     08E

STINSON            VOR108.40           09E

Runway Information

Runway 12/30

Dimensions: 3000 x 40 ft. / 914 x 12 m

Surface: asphalt, in good condition

Runway edge lights: non-standard
                                NSTD LIRL; RY 12 LGTS NOT AT THLD.

Runway edge markings: RY NRS 35 FT HIGH.

Operational restrictions: RY 30 RISES RAPIDLY AT NORTH END.




Latitude: 29-48.856647N

Longitude: 098-25.788255

Elevation: 1261.0 ft.


Traffic pattern: left

Runway heading: 121 magnetic, 128 true

Markings: NSTD, in fair condition

Obstructions: 21 ft. trees, 295 ft. from runway, 30 ft. left of centerline, 4:1 slope to clear
                     +15 FT ROAD 0 FT FM THLD 70 FT L OF CNTRLN, +35 FT TREE 110 FT FM THLD 




Latitude: 29-48.553942N

Longitude: 098-25.339040W

Elevation: 1218.0 ft.

Gradient: 1.4% UP

Traffic pattern: right

Runway heading: 301 magnetic, 308 true

Markings: NSTD, in fair condition

Obstructions: 301 magnetic, 308 true

                     +15 FT ROAD 15-200 FT FM THLD 0-120 FT L OF CNTRLN. 


To view more information please visit our AirNav link:

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