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Whether you are here for an overnight or decide to make Kestrel Airpark you home, Aloha Aviation Services will do their best to help you with any needs that may arise. We have a variety of services available from some great local partners here at the Airpark. With 50 hangars of aircraft owners and businesses, certainly we will be able to help find you or provide the services you require.

Aircraft Maintenance & Service

Fisher Aviation is located on the field and offers a variety of services for piston aircraft here at Kestrel Airpark.  


Ron Fisher an A&P and IA, is a recently retired from American Airlines and has previously been servicing piston aircraft throughout his career here at Kestrel.  Ron is also a Mooney owner and private pilot so he brings a pilot and mechanical background to his job.  


Inspections, maintenance, pre-buys, service, avionics and complete engine rebuilds are offered by Fisher Aviation. 

Contact Ron at 210-240-3987

Aircraft Sales

All American Aircraft Sales Corp., located at Kestrel Airpark, was formed in 1991 as an aircraft sales company, specializing in the acquisition, sales and brokerage of all models of Mooney Aircraft. Since the inception of the company, All American has sold well over 700 Mooneys to pilots nationwide.


Currently, All American averages just under one Mooney sale per week. We take pride in the fact that we have consistently maintained an inventory ranging from eight to 14 aircraft.. Maintaining a wide selection of Mooneys for sale allows us to fill the needs of the Mooney buying public like no other sales organization in the US. We also take pride in the fact that we enjoy a 30% customer return ratio. In other words, 30% of our business is either selling a Mooney that we have sold before (it comes back to us on consignment or trade in) or we sell a Mooney to a customer that we have sold to before.


Contrary to many in the aviation world, where often times the seller and buyer meet only once, we take great pride in selling a quality product in such a way to produce a happy and satisfied customer. We approach each transaction with the expectation when the buyer decides in the future to sell or step up, that we are the first call that he or she makes.  

Call for more info: 830-261-4147


Oxygen filling is available here at Kestrel Airpark for your aircraft.   Please notify us ahead of time to confirm service and availability.

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